Amazing Destination Wedding at Marqueses da Fronteira

Amazing Destination Wedding at Marqueses da Fronteira

One for the ages, Emily and Stuart’s day combined a historic venue, stunning surroundings, beautiful tile and the craziest party you’ll ever see.

When she contacted me and told me all about her wedding in Palácio Marqueses da Fronteira (that I love!), I was super excited with the potencial of the day. So thankful that I was there to film it.
Emily had the difficult task of organising her own wedding in Palacio Marqueses da Fronteira. This bride/planner made an amazing job, being abroad and making this all happen…What a fantastic celebration!

I had a great time and this was one of the most intense parties ever, with a bride super fan of Just Bieber singing some songs freestyle! Essex people rock, even after a rough week in Algarve (!!)
We were accompanied by the great duo Atmosphere Fotografia.