Boho Destination Wedding in Portugal

Boho Destination Wedding in Portugal

When there's love and energy you will have an epic wedding, Sarah and Daniel made it happen!

So much love for life in these two! 

This wedding was planned by Nulyweds, and when Olivia told me about the mood for this wedding I was more than excited. When I made the call with Sarah and Dan we instantly clicked and I was so thankfull they trusted me to film their crazy amazing day!

Dan, full of energy, love and care for his loved ones, Sarah brings a calm influence to his soul, together they have the perfect balance and you can feel it throught the day in their presence.

A wedding in Solar de Pancas (Alenquer, Portugal) that had it all! A great ceremony, with family members giving their knowledge, kindness and some very good humor, super chill cocktail, dinner with heartfelt and fun speeches and a hell of a party with a lot of moves on the dancefloor! By the way, Sarah took care of all the design and stationary for the wedding, she is super talented.

This one had such a smooth vibe as you see on the video!

Thank you Sarah and Dan for your kindness and all the joy you have to give to everybody that surrounds you.

This day was shared with our friend Hugo Coelho Fotografia, check out his photos :)


You can check the longer version of this film HERE