Elegant wedding at Queluz Palace

Elegant wedding at Queluz Palace

An elegant wedding at Queluz Palace in Lisbon, Portugal.

Chelsea and Justin came from USA to get married in one of the most beautiful venues in Portugal, they definitely made the right choice!

This wedding in Queluz Palace felt like a dream. Chelsea and Justin gattered friends and family and chose the perfect setup. 

The Queluz Palace is the "portuguese Versailles", with classic and glorious rooms in perfect state of conservation, but the highlights of the wedding were outside in the gardens, surrounded by majestic buildings, sculptures, fountains and trees. what a sight to be seen! 

After nine years of love and adventures, Chelsea and Justin had their lovely ceremony lead by long time friend Ezra, with a violin bringing a great impact when they came in, the entrance of the bride was epic with "Young and Beautiful" by Lana Del Rey on the violin, such a great moment! Beautiful vows were shared as well as funny quirks about them, we had big laughs and heartfelt cries.

They headed out to a nice cocktail and the next big moment was the dinner, probably the prettiest setup I have ever seen, done by the hands of Ana Coelho Duarte and her team who I need to thank and congratulate for all the hard work and amazing things they created. Can you imagine an outside dinner setup with chandeliers? Now you can :)

We had some emotional and funny speeches by family and friends, learned a little bit of their Korean family history and passed to the cake cutting. The final act was a powerful party with some great dancers!

I'm so thankful for the trust that Chelsea and Justin put on me, it was such a pleasure to be a part of their day!