Intimate wedding at Casa dos Penedos

Intimate wedding at Casa dos Penedos

A romantic wedding at Casa dos Penedos in Sintra, Portugal

"Love is the universal language". Even though I couldn't understand Xiaoyu and Andong's vows I could feel the love, intensity and cumplicity between them, it was really intense and heartwarming. 

They grew up together, 15 years building love, friendship and admiration for each other. The day arrived for them to get married and they chose to do their wedding at Casa dos Penedos in Sintra, this venue is so beautiful and a perfect scenery for a romantic wedding.

Here in Portugal we have a saying about rain and weddings and it goes something like this "A wedding with rain is a blessed wedding", and this day was really a blessing for everyone who participated in it. Xiaoyu and Andong danced in the rain and for me it was the highlight of the day, such joy!

So thankful to witness another great loving day. Thank you for the trust X&A!

Como Branco Weddings did a great job as always.

I was alongside my friend Pedro Vilela that took awesome photos of this special day.