Party Wedding at Quinta de Sant'Ana

Party Wedding at Quinta de Sant'Ana

A day to remember, such a fun wedding! Ciara and Rory chose one of our favorite venue's in Portugal, Quinta de Sant'Ana.

This place is simply stunning, magical and has such a nice vibe, wherever you point the camera you feel amazed with how pretty it looks! Everything went super smooth since the first time Ciara and Rory contacted us, always very positive and, above all, they trusted us since the beginning.

This Irish wedding had also a lot of guests coming from different countries but it always felt like it everybody was connected like a big family! From the super original ceremony (rap style) to the awesome cocktail with the musical talent of the Cotta's Club, finalising with a fun party, we couldn't be happier and grateful to be there and report it.

We had the company of our photographer friends The Framers, always with a good mood besides their awesome talent!

More positive and fun days like these, please :)