Wedding at Pousada de Amares

Wedding at Pousada de Amares

These two lovers, with portuguese roots, came from Canada to do a wedding in Portugal, the beautiful Pousada de Amares received them with love.

Their roots are in Portugal but Canada is where they found love and life. Susana loves travelling and discovering the world which pushed Eric into being a traveller too, and has he said "With Susana your whole life is an adventure".

They choose to do their wedding at Pousada de Amares, in the North of Portugal, and the place was just stunning, beautiful surroundings, lovely orange trees and the pretty lights all around for night mood. The party was a blast and you could feel the happiness on the dance floor (besides the moves, of course).
A wedding with all that we love: emotion & energy.

Such a good day spent with our photographer friends Arte Magna.