Wedding at Quinta do Hespanhol

Wedding at Quinta do Hespanhol

Rita and António connected through basketball, both players had a big shot at love and won.

This lovers got united by a sport they both play professionally, they have a bond for life, a love for the game and a love for each other. Rita is a friend from many years and when she came to ask me to film her wedding in Quinta do Hespanhol I was happy and honoured to do it. I met António a few weeks later, such a calm guy with a good vibe!
Their ceremony was amazing, the place was stunning, the piano player and singer gave an extra layer of feeling to everything. Speeches from the heart, family and friends gathered around their love for each other, what a sight to be seen.

This venue gives us so many options, you always discover something amazing, each corner is a motif of filming and the mood is perfect.
Dinner indoors was amazing, rustic decor, big loud toasts and a party to jump and jump and jump like if you were playing basketball.

A fantastic day well spent with my talented friend Rui Gaiola from Golden Days Photography.

"A partir deste dia, que se mantenha a euforia, para que haja sempre magia" (“From this day let’s maintain the euphoria, so we can always have magic”)